What Are Mobile Applications?

Mobile Application

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What Are Mobile Applications?

When we use our smartphones, we usually tap a mobile app. Mobile applications (or mobile ‘apps’ for short) are akin to software that is installed on a computer.

It does a variety of different things- with each app focusing on one or two core features. If you can think about it, then there is definitely an application for that.

There are already mobile apps that provide entertainment, useful fitness information including how many steps you’ve taken that day (among other things), there are also some mobile apps that allow you to browse the internet, and so on.

If you’ve bought a carrier-specific device like phones from AT&T, for example, then they will also include their very own mobile apps into the device as well.



If you’ve used a desktop or laptop computer before, you know that its functionalities can be increased with the use of programs. If you want to run a video editing program, you just install and run a program that can do that.

The same thing goes for mobile applications. Suppose that you want to enjoy your favorite streaming service, you download that app on your phone or tablet and then you will tap on it to run it.

You have a variety of many different applications with their own unique functions. Seriously, if you can think about a feature, then it might already have an application in the different app stores available today.

Operating System

About 7 years ago, there were still plenty of mobile operating systems out there. But, ever since 2013, we are now focusing only on two mobile OSes: Android and iOS.

There are applications that run only on a single operating system environment, simply because the code and the app development itself is different. You might have seen different counterparts of the same app on either operating system and that is due to the fact that the company might have created two separate native applications or perhaps they’ve sunk their money in cross-platform app development.

‘Mobile First’ Initiative

Mobile First

According to Google and other survey platforms, mobile users are already taking over the digital space. In fact, more than 70% of users online are already making use of their more portable devices than their desktop counterparts.

With that being said, we are now moving towards the ‘mobile first’ initiative, wherein content creators and mobile app developers are thinking more towards catering to the needs of the mobile users as opposed to their desktop brethren.

App Stores

For the most part, you can download a whole slew of different mobile applications in the two competing app stores today. If you are using an Android device, you can go to the Google Play Store to download all of your applications.

If you are using an iPhone or a device that uses Apple’s mobile operating system, then you can go to the company’s respective app store to find the apps you’re looking for.

Of course, there are other sites where you can download company-specific apps, but for the most part, you can download the applications directly from your operating system’s respective app stores.