Web Design 101: How to Provide Content to Your Website Designer

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Many website design agencies implement the same process regarding content publishing. You, as the client, will supply the content, as the web development services builds the website. This means that you need you send content to your website designer, in the form a documents. So, how do you organize and set up the files? Below are the things you should remember before clicking send.

Don’t try to be a web designer.

All they want is the written content. If you want to describe any complicated element such as a pop-up box or slider, you can do so using the simplest descriptions. No need to “design” anything. If you are struggling to describe something, then talk to them personally, or link a web page inspiration.

Less is more.

Just include your website elements, accompanied by some relevant notes.

Always be consistent.

The styling of all the elements should be the same, from the headings to the body text. Consistency can go a long way, most especially in huge documents.

Send photos separately.

Never copy, and then paste photos in the document. It’s always best to send images through email, or through cloud-based tools such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Make sure it is final.

Big content changes can slow down the process. Little tweaks are fine, but building new pages, and moving big sections can take a lot of time. Finalize the content first before sending it to avoid setbacks.

Begin each web page on a new page.  

Every web page in your website should take a new page in the document. This will make the document much easier to scan.

Utilize at least two colors.

Make sure to use dark color for every element, and then bright colors for your own notes.