Truefitt And Hill

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Have you ever wanted to get a hairstyle that is beyond your expectation? Are you still looking for the best barber shop near you? If you are having trouble looking for a barber with decades of experience and would make you feel good enough for your standards, then Truefitt And Hill, gentlemen’s barbershop that provides excellent haircuts and they carry all the necessary products to maintain your hair good looks and style.

A barber shop steeped in history, its roots can traced back all the way to early days of London and said to be the royal house personal barber. You can expect royal treatment and pampering from this barber, and their hair cutting skill is amazing. Worth every cent you spend for their services. So far their customers have no complain in terms of good haircut and their other services.  Truefitt And Hill can be found at few locations in KL, one of it is located at second floor of Bangsar Shopping Center.