Terminologies Being Used in Texas Hold’em Poker

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There are many variations of poker out there that are being played either in an online casino or an actual land-based casino. That being said, Texas Hold’em continuously holds the crown for being the most popular version of the game simply because the mechanics are pretty simple and straightforward and it actually quite fun as well.

Today, I am going to be talking about the different terminologies that are constantly being used in a game of Texas Hold’em so that you will not come off as a complete newbie. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

At the Start of the Game

These are the terms that are normally being used the moment that you sit down at the table and play:

Dealer- the person that is going to deal the cards to the players

Buy-in- this is considered the minimum amount of chips that would-be players would have to get before they can join the game

Button- this is the player that will be the one to make their moves last at every turn

Blind- the small blind and the big blind positions are players that are situated directly to the left of the dealer and would be the ones to set the starting bets of the game

Burn- this is where the dealer would discard the topmost card from the deck and put them face-down the table. This is done to prevent any player from seeing what the first card is

Extra Blind- this refers to anyone who is either returning to the table or has just entered the game. Their positions would be any of the ‘blind’ positions regardless of whether they’ve started with a different position or not

Post- this term refers to the act of contributing the blind.

The Cards

The player who wins is those that have the best set of cards. But, in order for you to actually know which cards are the best, you have to know every single one of them. Here are the terms that you need to know about the cards:

Hole Cards- these are the first two cards that are dealt to each player in the game

The ‘Board’- also known as community cards, these are cards that are placed at the middle of the table and are shared to the other players to help them form their final hands

Flop- the flop refers to the first three community cards that are placed on the table face-up

Turn- sometimes referred to as the fourth street, this is the fourth community card

River- this is the final community card and players sometimes refer to it as the fifth street.


Once all of the cards are dealt with, now comes the interesting part: the betting process. Here are the terms that you need to be aware of:

Call- this is where the player will match the most recent bet. Always remember that you cannot call and raise on the same turn

Raise- this is where the player tells the dealer that they intend to increase the current bet

Check- where a player decides to not do anything. In other words, the player intends not to raise or not to call

Fold- a term used to refer to the surrender of a player’s hand, thereby, forfeiting the game in the process. Keep in mind that all of your bets will also be forfeited as well

All-in- this is only used if you do not have the minimum required number of chips to either raise or call and you bet every chip that you have on the table

Muck- these are the folded cards that are left at the end of the game. Players will concede without ever showing anyone their own cards
Rake– the percentage of the pot that is taken by the house as part of their commission.