How Do I Brief a Web Development Agency?

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What is a website development brief?

Basically, clients need to write website development briefs to educate website developers about their brand or business.

  • Its services and products
  • Its vision and goals
  • All the current challenges
  • What the business does
  • Its background or history
  • How the business operates
  • Its target audience, clients and customers
  • How the business communicates with clients
  • How the business interacts with clients

Your Resources

How long can you realistically allocate to maintenance and updates? What is their expertise level? Do they need some training?

Your Ongoing and Immediate Budget

Expertise is never-ending, but your budget surely has a limit. Make sure to maximize each dollar you invest.

Your Testing, Milestones and Timeline

Agree and discuss realistic time frames, so you can get what exactly you need. Prioritize all the key variables, and determine your milestones.

Why is a website development brief important?

A good web development brief explains the elements you need to incorporate to your new website. How it functions, how it looks, and what it needs to incorporate for your business to achieve. Your objective? Choose the best web development agency that you can work with seamlessly. That should be your end goal.

An efficient website encourages clients to dig deeper, and analyze what they want, and why. It helps them iron-out some inconsistencies, and focus on what truly matters.