Free Web Hosting 101: How to Choosing the Best Company

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Are you planning to create a new ecommerce website? Look into the top web hosting companies in Malaysia to figure out the best agency that can work with you. There is no doubt that website hosting plays an important role in the success of every online business. When you choose to acquire free web hosting services, your job would be a lot easier. But, choosing a free services requires the utmost consideration of some essential components that will help you improve the sales of your goods and services.

The internet has completely changed the dimensions of traditional business management. If the hosting agency you will choose offers quality, secure services, then you can enjoy vast online presence. You will be able to attract a wide range of visitors, and increase your sales. However, if you pick the wrong provider, things will definitely go wrong. That is a big risk for your business.

Selecting the most reliable free website hosting provider is important. Below are some of the factors you must consider regarding this.


Check how flexible your web host is. Your website must be completely yours, and you yourself should have the freedom to make changes depending on your business and personal objectives. Work only with a free hosting service provider that would allow you to make changes without any interference or objection.

Look into the uptime a company is providing. Many hosting agencies deliver 99% uptime, ensuring advanced server support to clients. Having advanced support means that you wouldn’t lose clients because of slow or poor server speed. You can check the uptime by searching on Google, and learning more about previous history and performance. 

Good Web Space and Advanced Bandwidth 

Pick a web host that provides great web space and advanced bandwidth. Bandwidth can help a lot if you are planning to upload plenty of high-resolution images and content. You wouldn’t need to worry about upper limit!