5 Website Design Tips that Will Have Your Audience Drool Over Their Screens

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We, humans, have 5 senses. The sense of touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. Among all of the senses, our sense of sight is probably the one that we usually use.

I remember back then when I watched this cooking show and the host (a chef) said something to the extent of “we eat with our eyes”.

It got me thinking and he is actually right. Whenever we see delicious things, we tend to eat them. If we find things to be yucky, we avoid them. The same can be said for web design.

If we find that a certain website looks bland or made by an amateur, we tend to stay away from it even without reading the actual content.

However, we tend to stay a little bit more on a website that is not only pleasing to the eyes but also has a lot of functions as well.

So in essence, even if you have compelling content, if your website looks boring, people won’t stick around for too long and that is not something that you want to happen.

That being said, how can you ensure that you create a website so beautiful that your visitors will drool over their screens? Here are some useful tips based on the custom website design:


  1. Keep Your Guests in Mind

The best way for you to build your website is to actually think of your guests and the audience that you want to attract.

If your product is for the millennials and the young at heart, you may want to use design elements that are fit for that specific crowd.

However, if you’re catering to professionals, the design should not be too flashy, but it still has to look good as well. Knowing your target audience will give you a general idea on how your website should look like.


  1. Use Typography Intelligently

Different typefaces serve a different purpose. Serif typefaces or the ones that look traditional are best suited if you want to use them for a more aesthetic appeal. Sans-Serif, on the other hand, is best used mainly for content purposes as they are much easier to read than the former.

  1. Careful Use of Colors

It is way too easy to go overboard, especially if we’re talking about colors. Although you want your website to look as appealing as possible, practicing restraint is the best thing that you can do.

As a general rule of thumb, only stick with 2-3 colors max. The reason is two-fold. It works best for you since you do not have to scour for different color combinations to create your branding or logo. It also works best for your clientele since using only two to three colors is much easier for them to remember your company’s brand.

If you do not know which colors work best for your brand, I highly recommend that you look at other competitor products and the colors they use. You do not have to copy them; you just have to mix and match so that you can come up with yours.


  1. Incorporate Enticing Images

This is probably the most time-consuming aspect of building a website. Although you can certainly implement just any image you can find, using irrelevant ones will not really cut it.

You have to use something that speaks about your brand and you have to stay consistent as well. The purpose of using images is so that you can “invite” your users to buy what you have to offer.


  1. Stay Consistent

Now that you know the general guidelines, it is now time for you to stay consistent across the board. Whenever you’ve created a successful website, take note of the ones that made it successful. It could be that it was successful due to the careful use of colors and typefaces, or it is probably your use of different multimedia elements that help accentuate your brand.

Whatever it is, it is best that you take note of the things that made your previous project successful and then copy it for the rest of your website projects.