5 Best Books You Can Read Right Now About Mobile Game App Development


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5 Best Books You Can Read Right Now About Mobile Game App Development

When we are stuck in traffic or you’re commuting, what do you usually do? A sizable portion of the world’s population would whip out their phones and play games on it.

Now, game app development is much more complex than creating any other application out there. It involves a lot of things- from the planning phase right down to its execution.

If you want to develop games for Android or iOS devices, then you must enrich yourself with knowledge about mobile app development. But you can also hire a mobile app development company, but make sure to check their mobile app development packages to ensure they offer what you need.

You can certainly do so by reading these 5 books:

  1. The Art of Game Design: A Deck of Lenses

This book addresses the critical areas of mobile game app development. This talks about the aesthetics, the creative process, the technology that you can use today, the testing and methodology, among others.

I like how this book outlines everything in a way that both beginners and senior developers will like. This book is authored by Jesse Schell and this is definitely one resource that you want to look into, should you wish to create games for mobile devices.

  1. Game Development Essentials: Mobile Game Development

This book which was authored by Kimberly Unger is a vital book for many beginner developers. This should be the first book that they read whenever they’re still dipping their toes in the gaming app development pond.

This particular book focuses more on what it entails to create mobile game apps. It not only talks about how you can create a game with compelling visuals, but it also includes examples that will give you an idea of how it is done.

  1. Mobile 3D Game Development: From Start to Market

Java is one of the most leading programming languages out there that are used in many practical applications- not just mobile apps.

This book just highlights the use of Java in the creation of amazingly stunning 3D games. It contains loads of information that every developer will love.

This includes training sessions that teach you about the practical and theoretical side of game app development, it also walks you through the entire process, and it also helps you create games that include single player and multiplayer modes.

  1. Corona SDK Mobile Game Development: Beginner’s Guide eBook

This book by Michelle M. Fernandez talks about the Lua scripting language and it also tells you how to use the Corona SDK as well.

It tells you the intricacies of creating mobile game apps and it does so in a step-by-step format. You start first with the basics and you will then transition to more advanced concepts- perfect for newbie and experienced developers alike.

  1. Beginning Mobile Phone Game Programming

This book talks about the use of a particular game engine that will help you craft amazing games for both Android and iOS platforms.

It gives clear instructions on how to use the game engine and it also provides some industry secrets as well.